Xiao (Lester) Yu has just completed his Ph.D. program in Computer Science at North Carolina State University. His Ph.D. advisor was Guoliang Jin. Before starting his Ph.D. study, he received an M.S. in Software and Theory from East China Normal University in 2011, advised by Geguang Pu, and a B.S. in Software Engineering from the same university in 2008.


Lester’s research interests span the areas of software systems and software engineering, with a focus on software reliability and performance. Over the past few years, he has worked on a variety of research topics, including software testing and verification, data analytics on system logs and traces, and program analysis.

He participated in the early development of CAUT, a tool using dynamic symbolic execution to automatically generate test data for C programs. He also collaborated with industrial research labs, including the Software Analytics Group at Microsoft Research (Asia) and the Systems Research Group at NEC Laboratories America, to conduct data-driven system debugging and monitoring research.

His recent research endeavor is enhancing program analysis techniques on complex modern applications with the help from data-driven techniques. Check out his new work on analyzing web applications if you are interested.

Other Than Research

Lester is an amateur flute player who enjoys his lousy performance.

He is also a cooking enthusiast who enjoys baking and sometimes gifts excessive calories to his friends.